Une nouvelle vidéosurveillance montre le Dr Michael Mosley lors de sa dernière marche tragique 2 heures avant sa mort suite à un « épuisement dû à la chaleur ».

CCTV is showing the final moment that Dr Michael mosy was cited before his body was sadly found we know he came to the island of Simi in Greece with his wife um for a holiday he arrived on Tuesday but the next day on Wednesday he was reported missing he’ gone to the beach um and left by himself at 1:30 to to walk home he hadn’t got his phone with him he had maybe one bottle of water but 6 hours later um his wife CLA reported him missing because he had failed to return home the CCTV released today shows him walking through Petty um with an umbrella for shade we already knew he walked through through pedy it’s similar to other CCTV that we’ve seen but it’s the moment which uh just before he went through quite a difficult mountainous walking path which he was up for up there for around an hour 45 minutes before he was later found at uh Agia Marina which is the beach resort he was found just outside the barbwire fence wall perimeter um 90 seconds from safety shelter and water and other people who could have helped him so the mayor and some reporters they went on the boat so probably they saw something the signing of his watch so they give me a call uh the owner of one of the owners they said to me can you go and check that place over there I was able to see him from like real from far away so I went close to make sure that he is and I went close and I saw the body down there I called immediately the the guy who called me the owner because he was with the Coast Guard I said you know what I found the body come run run now

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