Techniques efficaces pour perdre 3 kilos en seulement une semaine selon le Dr Jean-Michel Cohen

Hi BienEaters, hello BienEaters! I know you I know that before the holidays you will ask me how I do because I want to lose a few pounds quickly just before I put on a swimsuit? Welcome to the Jean-Michel Cohen channel, the channel where we only talk about nutrition and where we don’t tell you about salads (we don’t tell lie*)! Yeah I know it happens from time to time we need to lose weight extremely quickly and it’s tiring to go through a diet for which it will take a month a month and a half to lose 3-4 kilos so there are techniques a little more brutal but they will require willpower. I continue: so there is a technique to lose 3… let’s say 3 kilos in less than a week I’m going to say in 5 days, provided you are willing and scrupulously respect what I’m going to tell you. Is it dangerous to do this? No because it is limited to a few days. Am I going to eat a balanced diet? Not completely balanced but as it only concerns a few days it is not too serious. Am I going to break the slab? Not too much, a little the first 2 days but afterwards, super easy but I don’t urge you to continue this 107 years. That’s because it would be pointless. The technique will consist of getting full very very very very hard to avoid being too hungry but at the same time lowering very very hard the caloric intake of the day to fall on areas of the order of 300 to 400 calories per day but I repeat, a week maximum and no more and even we can do it five six days it will depend on your rate of weight loss, it will not present any danger and I will explain why because you have heaps of ingredients in front of you. I list them for you! Hard-boiled egg whites, you have a whole egg. Here be careful you see that the 2 products look alike because I bought them in the same brand. Here it’s a yogurt, a yogurt or a yogurt it depends how you want to pronounce it and here it’s cottage cheese. Here you have a trick, I will explain to you later, please don’t be too curious. Here because I’m a big lazy, I took canned vegetables but don’t worry I had something left from a few days ago at my house this bottle that I’ll explain to you in a few moments, hehe, be patient, it’s called a thriller. And here you have a little lemon. The strategy: we are going to have 2 hard-boiled egg whites in the morning for breakfast , that actually means 4 half egg whites, you have seen I cut them. So I do not forbid you at all to put salt and pepper on it but very frankly the less salty you eat during this period of 5 to 7 days, the less hungry you will be and the more interesting it will be. Second: I still keep a whole egg. Why ? Because my idea is to have 3 hard-boiled egg whites and an egg yolk the 3 hard-boiled egg whites I will pair them with yogurts. Thanks to these 3 hard-boiled egg whites and this yoghurt, I’m going to provide 25 g of protein all at once and I’m going to gain a few g of fat, but it’s not uninteresting because in the egg yolk I’m going to find iron, vitamin A, a little vitamin E, a little magnesium so it’s not uninteresting anyway so I keep a whole egg. Caloric value of this meal: 80 calories an egg and here with the 4 egg whites I have the equivalent of about 70 calories except that you know that the proteins, for those who have done the MasterClass, there has a loss of about 25% so we will count 50 calories. Here I have 130 calories. I’m going to add a plain yogurt, roughly 60 calories, we did the count together, we’re at 130 and 60, 190 calories, that’s my breakfast. On the other hand: coffee, tea or infusion at will, of course, without sugar. Wow!! Eh eh ! She was afraid of the frying pan, huh! The midday meal, it must not be sad, it means if it’s sad and if I ate only that, frankly I’m going to be bored. So what I’m going to do for lunch is I’m going to make an egg white pancake. Yes I know, the members of Savoir Maigrir they know that it’s called recovery meals but it’s not the recovery meals the Zamis if you look closely it doesn’t correspond to the recovery meal you Members of Savoir Maigrir you know it know you will check, you Good Eaters, I’m not telling you because you’re not a member of Savoir Magrir And… so I’m making an egg white pancake, this egg white pancake the strategy it was what? There is nothing simpler I beat 2 egg whites with a whole egg, same thing as that except that here I did not coagulate the white. I beat them, I put them in a frying pan which I greased with a cotton ball so that there was no oil inside, and, as I had the egg yolk, you saw what a pretty color that is, and I waited for it to cook. When I’m going to do that, instead of combining a yogurt… So why the difference between yogurt and cottage cheese? We revise? Always the same for those who have done the MasterClass. In yogurt, it’s fermented milk. So that means that I worked on the microbiota so that means that I fed the intestinal flora so it’s super interesting, on the other hand what interests me about lunch and evening meals is saturated kill your appetite and maybe you don’t know it but cottage cheese is not the same as yoghurt and contains a little more protein. So there, the same, I have about the same protein ration except that instead of having 25 g I’m going to have roughly 28 g and here 28 g and I’m going to do that for lunch and dinner. So a galette at noon, a galette in the evening. So in total, I’m going to have consumed about 80 g of protein, which interests me , but in terms of caloric values, I’m going to be roughly maximum at 500 calories per day. But 500 calories a day in the form of protein essentially so the first 2 days I will suffer, the 3rd day I will not be hungry at all and it will even encourage me to continue. So the precautions to take: 1: fibers. So right here I told you I was lazy I took beans and peppers that I had found in my kitchen. Eventually to feed this pancake if I want it to be a little more fun, I don’t have to anyway, I could put some vegetables inside so that it’s pretty and has a little crunch under the mouth. Do not overdo it because the principle is still to overproteinize this diet to suppress your appetite, and to avoid sugars, even good, there may be a little. But do not exceed 100 g each time it does not matter and you can do that. Second interesting ingredient, lemon juice. I need a squeezed lemon a day. So that means that you take, when you go to drink water during the day manage to squeeze a lemon and drink it in water, I need 1. Why am I interested? It’s so as not to lose too much Vitamin C because there isn’t a lot of it in eggs, so I want to have it anyway and it’s interesting too, coupled with vegetables I would have about my ration of Vitamin C and I won’t be messed up for those 5-6 days. And here, this weirdly colored bottle with a little supernatant. What’s this ? Let me explain: it’s vegetable broth water. That is to say that lately we have been eating a lot of vegetables at home I told you that I was doing a vegetarian experiment so there are plenty of vegetables all the time at home, well I collect water from millions of vegetables and that, on the other hand, will be very very useful to me on this type of diet, why? Because in this vegetable broth that’s where I have all the minerals so I’m going to find calcium, potassium, magnesium and trace elements, zinc finally a bit of everything. So here it is, the strategy is that, I repeat it to you: morning, a breakfast 2 hard-boiled egg whites, a whole hard-boiled egg, a yoghurt. Midday, an egg white pancake made with 2 egg whites and a whole egg cooked on a Tefal frying pan, or "on a non-stick coated frying pan", plus a fromage blanc, the same in the evening for an accompaniment if you want add some vegetables, we drink vegetable broth water and at the same time we take a lemon during the day. Here, if you do that you will probably have 3 kilos, but I’m pretty sure in a week maybe you will have them in 5 days anyway you can do it from time to time. Don’t overdo it, I know there are people who love doing this kind of thing don’t overdo it, we can do a week every quarter , it’s not very embarrassing, a little hard to do but it’s is doable. 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