Les troupes ukrainiennes prennent d’assaut les tranchées alors que les Russes repoussent et que Poutine est contraint d’obtenir l’aide de la Corée du Nord

[Music] a sh e I mean most of what is going on at this Summit is very ceremonial um so the leaders are going to make some sort of common declaration and they’ll exchange gifts and so on and they’ll talk about cooperation it won’t make any difference to the cooperation they’re already engaged in and we don’t really know what the North Koreans will get out of this we know what the Russians are getting out of it which is l of ammunition something between two and four million artillery shells and quite a lot of ballistic missiles have been sent to Russia which is what the Russians really need what the Koreans will get out of it what they’d like to get out of it is much more uh space technology possibly some technology for their for for their program to put nuclear weapons onto submarines and possibly some other forms of um air power Technologies they may may not get that um but that doesn’t the visit itself doesn’t take any of that further forward than it was already but what it reflects is the fact that there are now four powers in the world Russia and China North Korea and Iran who are actively cooperating more than they ever did two or three years ago in order to try to um counteract what they see as Western influence across the world and to help each other in the wars that they are all variously fighting or look as if they’re in ending to fight the worst case scenario here um would be that the Russians give the North Koreans some much more sophisticated technology which allows the North Koreans to diversify their nuclear weapons make them more uh invulnerable and more capable um that’s about as bad as it could get which doesn’t fundamentally change very much and remember that as close as the Russians and the North Koreans are now getting it worries the Chinese the Chinese don’t want the North Koreans and the Russians speaking privately behind their back the chines want to deal bilaterally with North Korea bilaterally with Russia and both of them are clients um the Russians have become another North Korea for the Chinese so the Chinese are not desperately happy at the idea of Russia and North Korea getting closer together but um as they develop cooperation one would expect North Korean weapons maybe to get a bit more capable and for them to develop a bit more of the high technology which they um always crave Ukraine’s in the situation where it’s got to hold on for this year so the G7 agreement to um find a way of of giving Ukraine another $50 billion as a long-term loan derived from the interest on the Frozen Russian assets is a good deal for Ukraine but it’s a bit of a consolation prize because the ukrainians are not getting out they didn’t get out of the summit in Switzerland what they wanted they’re not going to get out of the summit in uh Washington the NATO Summit in a couple of weeks time they won’t get what they want out of that either and so the ukrainians are feeling um that they are being supported but they’re not being supported strongly Enough by the Western Powers who have been still very cautious in what they’ll Supply to Ukraine the f-16s are being supplied very slowly the training is going even more slowly and there are real problems I mean the the f-16s will not be available in any significant numbers to Ukraine until later this year and maybe not even until next year and in Kiev a lot of the politicians and military leaders are really very angry at the West because they feel as if look it’s not as if we’re Beggars just asking for crumbs off your military table we’re fighting for you you know we are we are fighting and dying at the moment to help preserve liberal democracy in the west from this sustained assault as it’s now become from Russia and China and North Korea and uh Iran and a lot of the dictatorships in other parts of the world particularly in Africa who are now lining up behind the dictators and the gangsters to fundamentally change the nature of world politics and we in Ukraine are on the front line so we don’t feel they say we don’t feel um as if we’ve got to be grateful for everything you ought to be grateful for us that we’re fighting in this uh increasingly global conflict on your behalf and we need you to cross some thresholds a bit more quickly and a bit more decisively than you have so far what the ukrainians need is far more atakan missiles which is the Army’s tactical missile that the Americans have got they need a lot more of them they need tourist missiles from Germany which the Germans won’t Supply which allow them in the jargon of the of the military it’s Deep Fire as it’s called it goes deep into the enemy um back uh rear areas so that you can actually Target concentrations of troops and and Equipment before it gets to the front and of course the rear areas in this war in Russia are inside Russia itself and so although the West is is allowing Ukraine on very limited basis to Target some forces inside Russia if the West took that um that restriction off and just said here are the weapons Target military military only objectives as you think you should then that would make quite a difference however it would also be dangerous it would be escalatory the Russians would go berserk and threaten all sorts of wicked things um but on the other hand the Russians are doing their worst as they are at the moment I don’t believe they would do they couldn’t actually do very much about it but they would threaten that this is the beginning of World War I and that would actually put The Frighteners on a lot of politicians in NATO and particularly in Germany and so every time the Russians find that the West has crossed another threshold they always make dark threats they never actually are able to do very much about it but the threats get darker and more uh more um serious each time and that’s what the Russians would do in this case

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