Kim et Poutine se bousculent maladroitement pour savoir qui monte dans la voiture « comme s’ils étaient à un premier rendez-vous »

this is a fascinating almost reverse take on the normal Power battles that we tend to see between world leaders when they meet together and try and establish their own Alpha dominance getting into their car it actually created one of those moments of almost polite clumsiness that you tend to get on a first date so we had Kim and Putin both urging the other to climb into the car first there were there were at least five directional rituals with the arm which kind of converted into a p battle as to know I’m going to be the one that’s going to decide who’s going to get him first and clearly Putin lost that particular battle because Kim um not only gesticulated and emphatically and very firmly gesticulated for Putin to get in first albeit politely there was that definitive pat on the back that is called the power Pat that actually made the decision that no Putin you’re going to get in this I’m the host so um he looked like the more dominant orbe it polite orbe it hugely ingratiating orbe it looking like a giggly first date um it was very much showed who was in charge at that point a lot of the body language here was clearly deliberate display even boastful rituals I mean I’ve described it as um boasting about a leadership Bromance a political Bromance more Kim Kardashian than Kim Jong-un uh it it’s made even more emphatic in terms to the signaling by the fact that it this tactile display that we’ve seen so far throughout um their meeting together these pdos are not part of the cultural norm for either of them they would normally be restricted to perhaps a polite handshake um when Trump met Kim Jong Yong it it was a handshake it it was quite close body language there were a lot of smiling but it didn’t get to the point that this relationship has even um the greeting Richard which is is hugely important in terms of a signal on the world stage Ken Jong rolled out literally the red carpet he performed what’s called an act of inconvenience which means that the more you want to show that you’re honoring your guest the the more you put yourself out so he was literally waiting on the tarmac for Putin as Putin kind of skipped off the plane and then we got this very strange um greeting Ritual from them and again led by the North Korean leader I mean Putin would normally just about do a handshake but the handshake was converted and that would be a power gesture um the hand round the arm it it turned into a kiss on both cheeks and a partial hug which hugely tactile but as I say very much dominated by Kim Jong-un and it was very interesting because um Putin was clearly delighted you can see his cheeks rounding he’s up absolutely loving it he’s laughing um as they’re having a discussion but then he wants to reassert his own authority by instigating a similar gesture and we can see him leaning forward and trying to put his arm around Kim’s neck but it kind of politely gets rebuffed so it’s kind of no that’s it you’ve had your lock now the signals particularly um once they got inside um and were sitting at the table they’re sitting opposite one another so there isn’t actually a power seat at that point but we are being shown very much that this is a signal of unity um you can see with the eye contact that goes on I think we need to remember that the conversation is having to be translated but they’re both being very polite and nodding as though they understand what’s going on and using um very involved eye contact Putin was actually throwing out a crinkled I smile looking almost fond of the North Korean leader at at that point and you can see his legs below the table are are doing small pumping movements which would be a sign of of genuine pleasure that’s not even being acted out that is the genuine thing because that to him would be less visible than the facial expression so it’s all a display of unity it’s a display of bonding um it’s a display of like minded thinking and hugely hugely emphatic probably more so than I’ve seen from any other world leaders to date I think a lot of this is really meant to you know upgrade the relationship and demonstrate that the the relationship is is deepening um we saw even back in the um in January um when uh North Korean foreign minister Chason he had gone to Russia she had talked about really building and expanding the legal basis um for their cooperation um and I think the expectation here now and especially coming from Russian press is that there will be a treaty signed um upgrade the relationship and then you know and likely to expand um the level of cooperation and include some security components within that treaty they have a a common problem and that is sanctions um and Putin has really been leading what he considers and what he deems the the war on the west and trying to create a multi-polar system um and sort of upend or create an alternative to a us-led world order the deepening cooperation between Russia and the dprk uh is something uh that should be of concern uh especially to anyone that’s interested in maintaining peace and stability on the the Korean Peninsula um but also supporting the people of Ukraine as they continue to fight against Russian aggression uh and so of course you know you’re well aware of uh dprk providing uh ammunition and weapons to Russia that’s been able to help them uh perpetuate their illegal and unprovoked War uh against the Ukrainian people so it’s something that we’re going to continue to keep an eye on I would say say though taking a step back our focus when it comes to uh the indopacific region and the Korean Peninsula is on working with allies and partners to promote peace stability and Security in the region and that will continue to be our Focus both have really been um stalwart in their in their moral support for each other’s Endeavors against the International Community and against international law um but you know there is a military component to this as well and so you know Russia is the first country um basically since the Soviet the collapse of the Soviet Union that’s been willing to offer North Korea you know um military cooperation and so this does give North Korea um opportunities to upgrade their Hardware in their conventional side as well as um their uh military reconnaissance satellites and their space programs which which Russia has said they openly that they’d be willing to do um and then the big questions of course are whether um Russia is willing to uh help in the wmd side based on statements that the Russians have made including Putin himself and other top Russian officials um they seem to have accepted North Korea as a a nuclear their armed State and accepted the program as there to stay at the same time they do still you know parot language about um not violating international law and upholding sanctions on some level um and I think some of the statements that have come out of Russian media just in the last 24 hours have mentioned um that any treaty is going to uphold international law

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