Kate a franchi un cap et sera de retour au travail à 100 % – nous avons tous ressenti intensément son absence.

we he he point out that he doesn’t have the Princess of Wales by his side and I say we always you know wish her the best on the show and and come back when you’re ready do you I mean when ready pressure from anyone for to come back but you’ve done a story uh Ro correspondent at Vanity Fair you’ve written a story this week what can you tell us about it it was about um the the I think she you think that she’s turned a corner yes I was I’ve been told by sources very close to the Princess of Wales that she she had struggled with the treatment initially I mean it’s it’s it’s preventative chemotherapy it’s you know it’s not a pleasant thing no one wants to have to have this um you know off the back of major surgery a a pretty long recovery period and then she has to go through the treatment I think it was a struggle initially and and I was very very relieved to hear from actually more than one source that she has recently turned a corner she’s been spotted out and about with her children so while she can’t be at events like the D-Day commemorations and she’s not going to be at trooping just to know that she’s up and about and being able to be a mom which for her is the most important job I think is is very very encouraging and we all wish her um you know the very best with this treatment we we wish her a speedy recovery and um there was a story um I don’t know if you spoken about this on the show before but I think it was a story in in one of the US websites that she’s or one the US magazines that she’s not going to be returning to work in the same capacity again I I I really think this is not the case everything I hear is that she will be back to work she’s coming back 100% to pick up as the princess of whales and do the great work she was doing before it will just be in her time when she’s ready and crucially when she gets the sign off from her medical team two things in that I mean if she’s doing better or you know she turned the corner the fact that William was able to go and do two days of engagements and attend the wedding means that he’s able to leave the Princess of Wales at home for three days 100% yes which is a really good sign I’ve just just you maybe think about that as a really positive yeah if she wasn’t well you know he would he would probably be and he has pulled out of events as we know before um so I think it’s all it’s all very very in you spoke there about the the reports in you know American Media there’s a lot of rubbish that’s being written um across Europe and on TV and Europe and stuff like that and also in America and it is kind of not our job to um to you know to maybe clarify it but it’s our job to kind of just knock knock down some of the some of the nonsense being I think that’s a story worth knocking down yeah it’s just not true I mean I I sometimes get um some European TV companies asking me certain questions because they’ve heard rumors that she’s well and stuff like that she’s not I mean we we can say that can’t we she is doing well with listen she she’s doing well and she’s absolutely going to be coming back to work you know that is that is her intention and I think you know while she’s at home recovering and doing as much as she’s doing you know these sorts of stories are are not helpful and um and and shouldn’t be perpetuated so for the record she is coming back um but it will it will be in her own time I think there’s a I think all of this Matt has shown just how vital she is to the monarchy we need her you know she and William are the future so if she needs to be out until the until the end of the year it doesn’t matter to know that this is the time she needs to get better so that she can come back and do the important work that she started at Princess of Wales that’s the most important thing there’s no hurry we’ve both we’ve both done stories um with the Princess of Wales we’ve been on engagements with her what are your memories there any fond memories of the times that you’ve spent with the Princess of Wales at home or abroad oh there’s been oh there’s been lots of lots of lovely times I I’ve always found want her to be engaging and warm and kind and she she would always ask about my children I remember you know as as sort of working mothers often being on Royal tours you know she didn’t always take the children with her and I remember really bonding with her over how difficult it was being away from our children while we were on Royal tours and both of our children would be looked after by our mothers and we were both laughing about the fact that they were probably being plied with chocolate buttons and crisps or whatever else and having all those naughty Treats but of course wonderful time with their Grand parents so you know it’s there’s a real human there she you know she is a real person and I think we’ve seen her her Frailty I think most people don’t get to see her sense of humor and she does have a really great sense of humor um I’ve been in in many unusual situations with with her and William I mean I think probably probably the most unusual was being in an earthquake in India on one of the royal tours and catching up with them after the event when thank goodness we were all safe um and having a a pretty stiff drink the sort of off the Record drinks reception just to just to calm our nerves um where was that tell me a bit about that that in that was that was our that was our tour to India they did a tour of India in Bhutan and they were at a national park we were ahead of them we’d arrived in the major city but this earthquake was so big they felt it more acutely in the national park but you know me and the and the Royal press pack were were just checking into our hotels and literally the chandeliers are shaking and and you are feeling the earth move under your feet and it was pretty scary I have to say it was one of those you don’t forget when they were safely with us at the next destination we we did we did just of meet for this off the Record drinks to just you know convene um have a conversation and I can’t tell you the details I thought his speech was very powerful and very moving I think we’re becoming more used to seeing William um on the stage is very much taking on that sort of diplomatic Statesman role and he does it very very well you know he’s in a difficult position Matt he’s got a wife who’s going through cancer treatment and I think we all felt her absence very very acutely over the past two days you know even William said she would have loved so much to have been there and she would have done so you’re feeling that for him there of course it would have been an absolute honor and a privilege for him to have represented his father at the ceremony that you were at the end of the day um he would have had no problem with that but it’s it’s just all a reminder of I think how much weight and burden is falling to William now he makes it look effortless I mean he did that impromptu walkout didn’t he um meeting meeting veterans um in in the French town town and wasn’t expecting that you know he loves to have that that face Toof face connection and what I think is interesting is he is just as comfortable doing that as he is with meeting world leaders he just he he’s playing the role of Prince of Wales brilliantly perfectly but I think it’s it’s a it’s a huge burden on him at the moment he is going through a lot and I think in all of this it’s a reminder that the Royals are just human like the rest of us but I thought your report was fascinating it was really interesting to know what’s going on behind the scenes and that you know Charles is having not only brilliant Medical Care obviously the best of the best but he’s able to do it and go to these events I mean this was non-negotiable that’s what he said to his team it’s what he said to his medical team and the team at the pallet he had to be there just like he has to be at trooping you know it means he’s not at today’s wedding it means that perhaps you know his schedule was adjusted a bit so he’s not to put too much pressure on his he’s not physically on his feet the whole time but the point is he was there for those moments he gave two brilliant speeches you know and I think we needed our Monarch at that event they were also concerned that the and and it did happen the uh the event would overrun yeah so he was already in the air when when when it started but they were um I think the last time it was it started two or three hours late at the 75th Anniversary it started late this time because zalinski Biden all arrived one by one and it overran so I think it was the right decision and the right decision you know William was was an able able standing but also I was in the stand because there was little kind of um makeshift Arena that they had built and there was lots of children there there was lots of uh French um school children they were and uh when zinski came in he got a big chair cheer obviously but when William came in there were gasps and cheers honestly I don’t know if he got picked up on the on the TV cameras but I was really surprised about how excited everyone was for seeing William maybe they were expecting to see the king and that’s why people were surprised I don’t know but the fact that he had such a warm reception as he did on that walkout I think shows the fondness for William I think people recognize that he’s doing a great job um and doing it on his own because he doesn’t have his wife by his side at the moment

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