Générer un titre différentNaviguer, déguster des produits de la mer et jouer au golf à Saïdia, au Maroc

[Music] I’m in stadia now this is in the northeast of Morocco we’re on the Mediterranean Sea this is known as the pearl of the Mediterranean it’s 14 km of these beautiful golden sandy beaches and that turquoise sea now it’s the ultimate place to relax it’s a little piece of paradise and I intend to make the most of [Music] it I hear one of the best ways to explore the coastline is to take a sailing trip out on the meds well hello Captain hello how are you welcome inside welcome on board oh thank you so much on board I go oh it’s a good day for this isn’t [Music] it gliding across these Crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean with the warm sun on your skin what’s not to love and it’s so tranquil and whilst time on the coast how can I not try some of the local dishes which is of course fresh seafood hello hello Amy how are you good thank you come let me show you some oh thank you okay so we have this H type of fish it’s very common in the area it’s called Lulu and we have some Royal friends and we have DS those are very common and we have also everything else like squids so what are we going to have for lunch uh well I’ll pick selection for you and we’ll try them all we’ll try them all [Music] great whether served fried or grilled PESA or tajine here on the coast Fish reain Supreme on the Moroccan gastronomic [Music] table oh hello what fish is this one s it’s one of the most common fish in the area sounds good to me take this off and meet is it good M after a lovely lunch I decided to visit the flamingos kakar is just a dozen kilometers west of Sida and you find yourself here at the mouth of the maloya river on this beautiful nature reserve it’s an ornithological Reserve which covers more than 4,000 hectares so this is the perfect place for nature lovers who can walk around and also discover Morocco’s second largest river and if you’re really lucky you’ll see some wild [Music] flamingos having spotted the flamingos I’m ready for my round of golf at the tilal golf course tal means sand Junes in Arabic which is perfect for this 6,17 m course it’s a par 72 it’s situated between the mountains and the Sea and you’ve got these undulating Fairways it’s actually designed by Frenchman Nicola zimes and hakeim I think you can tell us more hi Emy hellim I’m golf pro in til let’s go to play golf I’m looking forward to this one thank you this 18 Hulk course is a p of course is very pleasant to play it has very few water features bunkers and roughs against fairly wide Fairways hakeim I’d love to know the story of this golf course this golf course designed by Nicolas jimz the designer like the GF in the like s Andre now tell me about the grass because it seems to be a grain that requires less water yes Amy we repl the grass so the course is easy to time h less water consumption then exactly that’s really super the Tila Golf Course is designed to be fun for players of all levels tilal is a Charming Course once the round is over it leaves you wanting to play again and after the round there’s still time to enjoy a drink on the beach relaxing on the beaches with the beautiful blue sea is great for the soul sadar really is a golfer’s Paradise for a different challenge why not head to the 18-hole Savia Lakes Golf Course designed by the Spanish architect Francisco sagales in an American style and touches of an English style or go to the foot of the atalon peninsula to the machika med seaside resort for the N9 hole part three of The Golf Academy [Music]

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